Where Have You Been?

Ernest's Explanation A warm hello to you, my loyal friends and readers. How ya been?

I’m well aware that months have passed since the last installment of Crumble Cult. For this I must apologise. I’d always intended to follow up “Black Dog of the Concave Mind” with the paw prints of another less bleak strip but … well, that damn black dog got the better of me. I am okay. I haven’t topped myself. Well, obviously.

Crumble Cult will be back in the new year. There will also be a new site with art done by me. It won’t be related to my strip, and it may change your view of me forever. Or you may not give a flying cluck. Either way, I’m good.

In the meantime, I’m still active at my new photo blog which is called Once More, With Foreboding. There is also The Poesy Project which is updated less frequently.

And there’s my podcast series which you can access right here via the above menu, or you can just click this instead. It’s called The Crumbcast. I talk about the creative process and related life stuff. It’s a hoot. Sometimes.

Oh, and hey, there’s a heap of comics in the Archive, so totally hit those if you haven’t yet. Seriously, there’s tons, and if you read them from the beginning the story actually makes sense. Kind of.

So, as you can see, I’m still around. I’m sorry that I didn’t make my explanations sooner, but I want you to know that I’m grateful to all of you for having followed me this far. You’ve been so encouraging, so gracious, and above all so unflinching as I’ve bared all through this little strip of mine. Thank you for not looking away. That means a lot to me.

Your friend, Tony.

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