Nudging Forty



  1. Hi Tony,

    It’s great to see you back in the blogosphere. Your new home is awesome.

    I LOVE your cartoons. Obviously it’s a passion of yours and I wish you well on your new endeavor. May it be everything, and more, than you hope for.


  2. I’m so glad you are back:) Your wit and your drawings that make me think…I love it! Forty is what you allow it to’s that state of your heart that matters (on all levels)…


  3. Let’s try leaving a comment again, since it didn’t work when I tried on your first post. This is wonderful, I really love the appearance of your cartoon-self, and the backgrounds, especially the way you draw clouds are beautiful. It’s a nice little piece, reminds me of all those times I get lost in my mind and completely forget what I was supposed to be doing.


  4. Dang Tony. I had to read it several times. There is such a contrast between where his thoughts had him, and the tasks of daily life. My guess is this was ultimately procrastination. Nicely done. The detail, perspective, artwork is amazing.


  5. Oh, and just a titbit for thought: smart puppies don’t push forty, they pull thirty. “Sod the white strands, a pox on all apathy; I mean to climb yon alluring old apple tree!”


  6. A Singular talent, if you will, is evident here. It’s visually appealing and individually stylized, thought-provokingly philosophical, and has some nice last-panel oomph. Your use of onomatopoeia in sound effects is spot on and a hoot to read.

    I feel as though I’m looking at the next Calvin and Hobbes or Doonesbury, no word of a lie. May the creative muse stay with you always… and, uh, live long and prosper. (I don’t know; that just seemed to naturally follow.)


    1. I hope they’re good tears! I wouldn’t want to add more grief to someone’s life! 😛

      I don’t know where that line came from either. It just sprang, fully formed, into my head one day. I wrote it down and thought to myself, “I must use that some day.” Note pads are indispensable tools for a writer!

      Well… and a pen too.


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