Nudging Forty



  1. Love it (as per usual). Going to drag myself away from your brilliant podcasts and absolutely gorgeous comic strips…(so I could try to get some work done) and then when I have finished what I need to do…I am going to indulge myself and carry on listening to crumble casts and reading crumble cult strips. 😘😘😘

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      1. Ah, enjoy it while you can! 🙂 All hell will break lose the day you discover you need reading glasses. I actually thought I was going blind. The doc had to CALM ME DOWN. It happens somewhere between 40 / 43 typically and is called “presbyopia.” The lenses in your eyes harden, and you need reading glasses. And tiny fonts on a Macintosh that cannot be adjusted will drive you BONKERS! 🙂

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        1. Oh yeah, I think that process has already begun for me, and it sure ain’t no fun, I agree! I’m finding it very hard to read the tiny print on medicine bottles now. Kind of alarming when that sort of thing never used to bother me at all! 😛

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          1. Consider going ahead and getting the 1.25 readers. If you shop hard, sometimes you can find them in a Dollar Store. My understanding is that using a tool like the low res readers EARLY in the process can preserve your lenses. (Double check me on this, but I am fairly certain that is right.) And, yeah, it can be downright terrifying! 🙂

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  2. That’s what is happening to my hair, too. Unlike you, however, I am happy to bypass the iron grey stage and move right on to white. See, I plan on being the crazy old lady who messes with people just because she can, and I happen to have hair that gets very big very fast. I imagine myself, backlit, with a shining halo of white hair in maddening disarray surrounding my unimaginably wrinkled face, cackling at small children and their horrified parents on Halloween. Or in the checkout line at the grocery store. Either way.

    This is a great strip and a great podcast. I didn’t see it as procrastination so much (as another venerable reader did). It reminded me of all the times I have been so wrapped up in my own melancholy thoughts that I was unable to think about or even remember the simple duties of mundane life. I’m pretty certain the mundane duties made the melancholy worse, anyway. Perhaps it was just as well that I’d forgotten them. But they always rear their ugly little heads in mockery, don’t they.

    (I promise: not all my comments will be this long.)


    1. Ah, so you’ve discovered the podcast then, and you’re still here? Now that’s encouraging! I guess I’m not a super freak after all! Ha ha! 😛

      I think you’re on the money by the way. Mundane duties do have a way of making the melancholy worse. At least, they do have that effect on me. Sometimes I have to grin and bear it, and just get on with it, but it certainly isn’t easy. I suspect there are more of us who feel this sense of ennui than care to admit it.

      Your mind picture of your future self intrigues me. I’d say growing older would be worth it just to see what that would look like in reality! Hell, if we’ve got to grow old then we may as well have fun with it, right?

      (Your comments can be as long or short as you like. Reading is my middle name!)

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      1. In reality, I can (sometimes) be a very nice person. When confronted by a child in the grocery store checkout line I usually smile and make silly faces. There have been one or two times, however, when I was faced with one of those horrible little children who just stare at me unblinkingly. The faces I make at them usually put an end to that.


        1. It’s downright unnerving when children stare at you like that. I usually think, “What? Is there something wrong with my face?” Then I scuttle away feeling like a worthless cockroach. I should probably try your trick some time! 😛


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