On a Downward Curvature



      1. NO, NO, say that’s not so! You must know that you have a humors way of telling a story, right? These podcasts are fabulous! Of course you do know that the strips are fantastic too, just in case I did not mention that!



          1. Ha! Working on words for you, but my filter is looking at me for food, ah-ha! you deserve every nice, word. I think I have listened to all of the podcasts, are you working on some new ones?


  1. Dear Tony,

    Many years ago I worked at Burger King. Cleaning the bathrooms was part of my duties. (heh. I used ‘bathroom’ and ‘duties’ in the same sentence.) Believe it or not, it was better than the call center job I worked a few months ago.

    All My Love,


    1. Yes, I think you’re right. At least with cleaning you don’t have to deal with too many difficult people, and that can be an unexpected boon really. I just wish they weren’t such unsociable hours in the cleaning business, but hey, whattaya gonna do, right? 😛


  2. I had a job many years ago where I cleaned the bathrooms in a massive Baptist church. There were around fifty in all. Man, that job sucked!
    Thing is, the people in the church were all very kind… but I just felt inferior somehow. Like all I was good for was cleaning up their crap. I doubt seriously they would have wanted me to attend their services. But that’s an assumption- I never asked because I would not have been interested.
    It was a lesson somehow for me. I’m just not sure exactly what that lesson was. Probably that I don’t want to clean bathrooms.


  3. I don’t want to get ahead of yourself here, but if you keep writing them like this (and I don’t think you can help but to do so), whether or not I keep writing overtly overly long compound sentences in your comments sections, I see these panels translating exseedlingly well to a series of animated vinaigrettes.


    1. Back when I was a cleaner, we lost the contract at the first place I worked at because of a solitary nasal hair on a bathroom floor. My supervisor thought it was the most ridiculous reason to terminate a contract that she had ever come across!


    1. Thanks, Lynn. Fortunately, there are a handful of people like yourself who do appreciate what cleaners do. It can be a pretty thankless job at the best of times!


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