A Little Wallow



  1. Tony, so much said here that is actually left unsaid. Brilliant, as well as the reference to Kierkegaard, wow, how very deep, as is the tub, where can I get one of those bottomless tubs? I see they are perfect for wallowing! A very strong strip indeed! So clever!



    1. You’re trying to make me blush, aren’cha? Yeah, Kierkegaard is quite brilliant… when I can understand what he’s going on about! And I truly wish I had a deep tub like that. I could do with a nice, long soak from time to time. Sometimes a shower just doesn’t cut it!

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  2. I had meant to come back to this one and comment. Lingering, wallowing – that’s what showers are good for, right? Though I’m a little slow on the “pants” thing… 😉


    1. Oh my God! How did I miss this comment? 😛 And I agree about the shower thing. Very good places for wallowing, I find. Everything gets sloughed off and you can begin to feel vaguely human again. As for the “pants” thing, it usually just means that you think something is rubbish or shite. 😀


  3. I love the understated quality of your strips. You leave more out than you put in. It lets the viewer fill in the blanks. For me, this strip is about shame. Sharing feelings is an emotional event and in this case, the sharing was met with an intellectual response. Failure was imminent. Your final frame states ‘more recrimination later’. A shame spiral. Layers. Layers. Layers. Fantastic!


    1. You’re absolutely spot on with your interpretation, Pamo. That’s exactly what this is about, and I think it’s something that many of us would have experienced at least once in our lives!


  4. Tony, that was a quite thought provoking. I filled in the gaps a little to get what you were saying. I want to help Ernest find his way!


    1. Everything’s cool, Anonymous, thanks for asking. I like to cover the whole shebang when it comes to the human experience. That includes things like depression, and other such cheery subjects! 😛


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