Fun With Hearing Aids



  1. The evil part of me says she should start to flick the lights on and off to get your attention even when she doesn’t need to. Yeah, us sign language using, deep in the local Deaf community kinda people can play pretty rough sometimes. Don’t get me to messing with an alarm pillow. I’ll do it. I’m not above stuff like that. Do not overestimate my maturity. LOL

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  2. Dear Tony,

    Morrigan says she likes this one. Now she is acting it out: “Click. I can’t hear you! Click. Now I can hear you again. Click. I can’t hear you! Then she gets so mad! HAHAHAHA!” She says, “That is so hilarious! I bet he’s going to do that to his wife today.”

    All My Love,


    1. You have a good eye, Jennifer. Yes, it is! I am an absolute Nintendo nut, and own a Wii U and a 3DS XL. I used to have a DS but upgraded so that I could play the Ocarina of Time remake on a 3DS. Yup, I’m a complete Zelda freak too. πŸ˜›


      1. My son upgraded from a DS Lite to a 3DS for pretty much the same reason. Sadly, he couldn’t get his hands on a copy of Ocarina of Time. He may have given up.

        He gifted the DS Lite to my daughter, but I use it more than she, mostly to play Pokemon.

        I never would have figured you for a Zelda freak… πŸ˜‰


        1. Holy cow! You play PokΓ©mon too? You’re awesome! I jumped back on board with PokΓ©mon X and PokΓ©mon Y. My favourite’s Gengar and Bulbasaur! (Yes, I’m a sad, sad man.) πŸ˜€


          1. I’ve been playing Pokemon White a lot. Sadly I do not have X or Y.

            Don’t laugh, but I was having great fun with Jinx. I am a latecomer to the awesomeness that is Pokemon, though, so my opinions are far less informed than yours.

            I also play stuff like Dragon Age (no. My daughter was named before it came out.), Fable, Elder Scrolls, Minecraft, Skyrim… So, mostly story-driven Fantasy.


  3. My husband does that all the time to me…but it kinda, sorta doesn’t matter because he turns off nearly everything I say with his “husband hearing” – Now that his aid is a blue tooth function to his phone, he loves how he magically just starts to talk to someone and I don’t even know the phone is ringing….Why just yesterday was issuing a loud S**t right beside him and he started talking to a client on his phone…aargh! Frustrating.

    I want to get one of those blood pressure monitors that blue tooth to the Iphone…but my partner says $149 US is too much…ah come on…his hearing aid was $5K


    1. That would have been awkward, Patricia. Very awkward! πŸ˜›

      As for the blue tooth blood pressure monitor, I don’t think $149 is entirely too much to ask for. πŸ˜‰


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