A Comet Tail of Ideas



  1. Love the transition from the thinking comic in black and white to the color comic where Zelda calls for Ernest to return to bed. Very creative and a perfect way to convey the action.
    Laughed out loud at the merchant selling comet protection kits! Well done- all of it.


    1. Apparently, that whole merchant selling comet protection kits was a thing back in the day when comets were not as studied and understood as they are now. I kinda chuckled when I read that.


  2. It is inclined to tear – I have written poetry on a napkin at a restaurant – finding myself someplace without paper and pencil is disaster. I have learned to write in very small writing on the back of shopping dockets. A question – How can Zelda sleep with the comet of death baring down on the world?


  3. You make me smile! I’m a Moleskine girl for my thoughts but I love your use of everyday items. Do you keep pencils in the bathroom, oops, I mean ‘Thinking room’ or just in your knickers for all occassions ???


  4. Love it! You do have to draw things when you think of them. Although I tend to keep sketchpads next to my bed… not uh, toilet paper 😛


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