Subversive Element



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    This is it. This is what my ten-day Koh Mak holiday is about. It’s a mid-life revolution. What a bloody fantastic way of putting it. Check out Tony’s archives. You can also listen to his podcasts and feel like you’re getting news from another planet, his planet, a special one where words are tiny squishy jellyfish that sting a bit and remind you it’s wonderful to be alive…


  2. I did Manic Panic Vampire Red streaks in the front of my hair once and I LOVED it! My husband used to play around & make it stand straight up on my head so he could call me Heat Miser!

    I love situations like the one you depicted here – I have a pretty large portrait tattoo on my left upper arm and I don’t make much effort to hide it when I’m shopping, etc. I kinda love it when mother’s pull their kids in the opposite direction when they notice me!


    1. I don’t know why folks are so afraid though. I LOVE that kind of thing. I am definitely getting a tattoo of my own once I figure out where and of what. One thing I do know is that it HAS to be visible. That is a must! 😉


  3. Dear Tony,

    I wore my hair in many exciting colors from roughly the age of 32 until 35. My favorite was purple. I had to go back to brown when I landed a corporate gig.

    The Incredible Hulk was popular at the time, and my son wanted to dye his hair green. I agreed to let him use temporary spray in color on the weekends. He and I earned a great many disapproving looks from people on the street, but we were having fun.

    All My Love,


  4. Vintage Single. As usual, there are multiple things to like and a subtly stated message as deep as one might care to look. One point off for some sub-par lettering in the third row, if I’m keeping it real; but overall, magnifico!


    1. My sister wrote this strip, so she can deservedly take credit for that! As for the bad lettering, my crappy lettering pen at the time of lettering can take the fall for that. I will endeavour to make sure that doesn’t happen again! 😛


  5. mothers get ticked when kids want to emulate the things adults do. It makes parenting particularly hard. Anyway, nice work Tony.


  6. It’s kind of funny that people question these different colours of hair because the dye is sold on store shelves. I have to be honest that I always take extra notice of differently coloured hair. It just stands out because you don’t see it every day.

    Love this kid’s eagle eyes and his mother’s grimace 🙂


    1. Yeah, it’s kinda fun when people do crazy things with their hair. It always brightens my day whenever I see a punk rocker with a mile high spiked do. It takes creativity and dedication to something like that!


  7. like the new strip t is she for real or does vanity rule the day. is this a new character if so i already like work:}


    1. I’m glad you liked it, mate! Yeah, she’s a new character that I intend to feature from time to time. She’s Ernest’s sister, and her name is Caprice. 🙂


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