Subversive Element



  1. I don’t have blue hair (had pink hair once just for fun and to shock), but I do have a tattoo and a nose (not a ring) but an opal stud. I am very rebellious it seems, or not anymore. Loved the strip and the podcast. Listened to it for the second time and enjoyed it just as much. Maybe I will get another tattoo now one that is more visible. 😁😁😁

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    1. You ARE rebellious, Summerhill, and what a glorious thing! I think that’s what this strip touches on for sure. We should all learn to be a little bit more rebellious in life, to assert our own individuality. It’s one of the most precious things about us.

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  2. Here in Germany, lots of ppl have all kinds of colors of hair & weird haircuts, even doctors and beaurocrats! Not everyone of course but enough. No one seems to care!

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