The Passion of Brydie


  1. Great characterizations. That line, “hm. Ernest.” and her expression says so much! Love the warriors image, too. It reminds me of the crazy Leche League, this group of zealous breast feeders who harass new, insecure mothers. Or the crazy women who are into all natural childbirth and say anything with drugs or a C-section isn’t real childbirth. Crazy.

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      1. FYI. Here’s one comic on my site that I drew. I have an idea for a strip but I’m pretty busy with other projects and one thing that is a bummer is one of my characters I find hard to redraw and get the face exactly right…comes out too narrow or too round. I could of course copy the face if I’m in a program but I’m not very sophisticated with anything like Corel or photoshop so I just draw the drawing, upload it as a photo, then I can go over it in iDraw if necessary. I sort of wonder how most cartoonists today do it, if they draw everything digitally or hand draw. As much as it took time to get the face right with hand drawing, it was almost impossible with iDraw. I think problemswithinfinity does her drawings in a program. How do you do yours?

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        1. I immediately hopped over to take a look. I’d be fascinated to see the rest of it (although I do understand if this is something you may want to keep private). 🙂

          Keeping the character proportions the same throughout a strip is actually difficult for even long term cartoonists. I don’t always get it right either! Something that’s helped me over the years is the habit I’ve made of drawing “model sheets” for my main characters. It’s something I learned from my days studying animation in art college.

          Ultimately, when you can draw your character from many different angles and in different poses then you know that you’ll mostly get their proportions right every time. It really truly honestly comes down to practice practice practice. That’s really the only thing that gets us there as artists… doing lots of art.

          Oh, and I draw the old fashioned way. Pencil, pen and paper. When I’ve done that, I scan it into Photoshop and colour it there. It’s a process that works very well for me, but it’s not the only one that’s valid. Really, it’s all about what makes you feel comfortable enough to achieve the best results you think you can achieve.

          (I love your drawing. Cats are awesome!)

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          1. Thanks..that is very helpful information. And I did think about that, doing exactly that with the profiles. I just haven’t spent much time on this since I’m writing a novel.My new cartoon ideas/characters are not up on this site though. Will take time to get to them since I have a number of other projects. In the meantime, I will enjoy reading your strips and LMK which Golden comics you think are best…there are so many to go through on that site. 🙂

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            1. Yes, I had a look and there’s literally tons of stuff on there! It’ll take me months to go through even a fraction of it all, I’m thinking. It’s great that you’ve got a few projects going at the same time. That’s something I always try to do in case I ever get stuck on one… then I can proceed with another until I’m able to come back to it.

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              1. I just looked at this comic again and your expressions on the Leche League chick are so great. The eyes without pupils, the frame with all teeth, the little crescent eyes and the just dot eyes pointedly looking at your main character…they are just soo spot on! Terrific!!

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  2. Hahahaha! WIN! If I had a dollar for every fundamental Catholic who tried to reload me with their scriptures and every Catholic who pretended they weren’t a church freak, my mortgage would be much closer to PAID IN FULL.


  3. ahhh poo, I do not like people ramming their opinions down my throat! Can I slap Brydie in a totally Buddhist, loving way? You can draw ‘me’ doing it, I mean, seriously she deserves it and I feel the need, ggrrrr. Namaste.
    I could have kids but have decided not to – my mental health problems would not be a great environment for a child (as I should know growing up with ill parents myself), so what, am I selfish too Brydie??
    P.S. Cover yourself up lady!


    1. Carrie, your response to this made my day. We too have decided that it was probably for the best not to have children anyway (even if we’d been able to). Parents aren’t the only human beings who make sacrifices, that’s for sure.


  4. God, she’s obnoxious. I can say with a high degree of gratitude, that in all the religious circles I’ve been involved with, I’ve NEVER met anyone like her.


    1. I’m glad you haven’t, Rebecca. We’ve had the unfortunate “pleasure” of meeting such people, and the problem is that they actually mean well to begin with. That makes it very hard to challenge them on what they’re saying.


  5. clearly Byrdie had faith in god or her prayers wouldn,t be ansewred.i like how Zelda kept her cool through the whole ordeal,Zelda being infertile is no big deal these days,all the pressure through the pregnancy and birth can be off putting when you read the tabloids.keep tjhe strips coming Tony and the podcasts:)


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