All in Good Time (Zelda’s Story)


  1. I was the smallest in my age group throughout school and gained a few appropriate nick-names. When I became a science teacher as one of three staff in the biology department, even the other teachers called me ‘The Micro-biologist’. Gotta smile!


    1. Well, my wife who the character Zelda is based on is quite the active one for sure. She moves so fast that I lose her in crowds sometimes. It can be quite disconcerting! 😛


  2. This was beautiful Tony, completely living and embracing of the most precouse person in your life. Well Done. I agree with other comments that you felt with a difficult topic very sensitively yet very honestly.
    Much Respect- Jade.


  3. I know it’s hard for men when they’re small, but I guess it can be hard for women too. My daughter is very small, and I think it does contribute to feelings of inferiority. With maturity I’m hoping it’s not a big deal for her.


    1. Me too, Rebecca. Life can be a different sort of a challenge for those who are looking at things from a different vantage point (literally).


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