The Never Was


  1. I looked at this a few days ago and was blown away! That cat in the tree is hilarious. The fireman visiting to get the cat out of the Christmas tree is such a groovy take on an old standby. So creative and well drawn. I’m a fan! 🙂


    1. Thank you, Pamo! I’m pleased that this was to your liking. A friend of mine came up with this idea, and I’m glad he did. A lot of folks have liked this strip in particular!


  2. I had to rescue my kitty yesterday from that nasty Christmas tree. He got his leg tangled in the wires and was almost dangling. If I had been smart, I would have liked the fire department, they have thick gloves and all their shots. No, dumb me, I had to help him out. I may have a permanent ridge in my finger from his claws….


  3. Hello Tony,is it my imagination or is the Firefighter smoking a cigarette? And please tell me that the cat hadn’t been stuck up in the tree since the previous Christmas?!?, that would just be too sad for words.

    Great strip as usual Tony, keep up the good work and may I wish you and all of my fellow “Crumble-culters” is that a word a happy 2014.




    1. And a happy 2014 to you as well, my friend. I hope it’s everything you could ever hope it to be! 🙂

      As for the firefighter… well, even they can have bad habits. And this is more… hm, a Christmas that never happened, hence the title. 😉


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