The Epistle of Ernest


  1. OMG CC’s back!!!!!!!! Hooray, oh happy day!!!! I can’t wait to see where you’re going with this. There are so many layers of meaning in that strip and I must say the train looks totally amazing. Well done!


    1. Thanks for reading, Andy. Hopefully it will all become clearer as the story goes on. There’s quite a lot that’s happened up to this point too, so that may be why you feel as if you’ve stepped right into the middle of something that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Stick around, yes? (Says I, almost pleadingly.)


        1. Ha ha! No, I’m afraid my story is hardly as elaborate or well thought out as that HBO epic. However, you would probably need to do some searching through the archive to get up to speed on what’s happening. 😛


              1. Nice! I hope catching up wasn’t too much of a chore! And, yes, I think those strips are a pretty good choice when it comes to getting the context. I think I would have picked those too.


  2. YAY!!! I checked my phone at work this morning and thought, my god… Crumble Cult has POSTED!!! My scream of joy was heard throughout the store and echoed for ten minutes, no lie. But alas, I had to wait until I got home to sit and read and savor and lavish all the wonderful details, nuances and beauty, my god the beauty, of your mastery!

    And what do I see here? Funny stuff mixed in with angsty stuff mixed in with relationship stuff mixed in with war, band dynamics, new characters and a freaking train. Are you kidding me? Do you think my heart can take this kind of excitement?

    Okay- I LOVE LOVE LOVE the type written font of the words in Ernest’s epistle. I love that Ernest is the narrator and yet, he is not seen (yet) and he is not even much of a member of the group (yet). You’ve done a tremendous job of throwing us right into the action, setting the scene, building suspense and doing all the things that you do SO WELL!!!

    I’m applauding loudly, a standing, no a screaming ovation! Your audience is here with mouth dropped open, eyes awash in fantasia, and brain cells humming with excitement and possibility. You, young man, have MADE MY DAY!



      1. And I have just sung it – be afraid, be very afraid…Mark says I have zero talent for singing but that hadn’t stopped me yet.
        So very pleased that Ernest is on the scene (nearly) TEA


        1. I have zero talent for singing as well, but what the heck, right? We only live once! You’ll get to see Ernest in the very next strip, so he’s getting there with that cup of tea! 😛


    1. Thank you, Mark. The fictional band My Silent Tea Break is based on an actual doom metal band called My Silent Wake. The main man behind this group is Ian Arkley, and he lives in Weston-Super-Mare. I thought it was such an odd sounding place name that I just had to include it in that list of real and made up places at the beginning of the strip. 🙂


  3. Heavy metal bands,seductresses with cucumbers the agonies of tea selection and the call of duty bound to tea making responsibilities sheesh Earnest has got it bad! And of course the dilemmas of luggage repose over confectionery attractions and the iniquities of gearshift love heh heh! Great to see you posting more inspired stuff Tony and long may you do so and all because of the joys of beverages and tea-time shenanigans fabulous!

    Take care Paul


    1. Thanks so much for reading my comics! I think you may be talking about the guy crying on the floor. His name is Olof Schmidt, and you’ll be seeing a lot more of him and the characters in this strip in the months to come! 😀


        1. Ha ha! No, it’s fine. Really. To be fair, I have a lot of new characters being introduced in this strip. I even got myself confused while putting this together. The logistics of drawing so many figures and keeping track of where they were in the train cabin at any one time was especially tough!


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