Fresh Door Meat


  1. I know not what else to say on this except I FUCKING LOVE THIS! Being currently trapped between The Doors of Ineptitude this really strikes a chord. Would totally buy this if it was in print… might even plaster it around my office.

    I think I may have also cracked up at “Fuckitty McFuck”.


  2. I have to say, Tony, you pretty much captured what feels like the story of my life lately with all the doors opening and closing. This week, especially, I’ve been feeling like my life is one big revolving door, causing me to spin in circles and in place. You got me to see the humor in all of it, though. so thank you.

    Loved the girl saying she’s allowed to call women sluts. LOL. Irony and truth in that one. And the analog joke made me grin, too. You certainly have the ability to pack a lot into one go- lots of wisdom, different threads seeming to converge just right.


    1. Hi Diahann, I’m glad you could see the humour in the crazy door shenanigans that life likes to throw up at you. It’s no fun going through a seemingly endless stream of revolving doors only to end up where you began, that’s for sure.

      I sometimes wish we could drop “slut” from the English language, but I guess banning certain words won’t necessarily stop the shaming that both men and women do whenever they perceive a woman to be having too much fun with sex (usually with anybody but them). I don’t know.

      I like to pack a lot in, certainly. It’s exciting but also a challenge to write from as many viewpoints as I can. Giving each character their own unique voice is hard work! I can only hope I’m more successful than not at this.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I appreciate it! 🙂


  3. I wanna know about the final frame- the fish in the toilet. My curiosity is exploding!
    The door imagery is fantastic! I definitely felt the frustration of Ernest.
    I also enjoyed seeing him typing away.
    More more more!!!


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