While You Were Sleeping


  1. He’s looking all defiled and betrayed. I love the way he’s looking at the cat like, why would you do that? I trusted you.

    I mentioned sexually aggressive dolphins in a journal entry, but it appears your guy’s predator was of the mermaid sort. Even so, he’ll never be the same. You can’t come back from some stuff. Dolphin humping, mermaid licking, shutting a nipple in a desk drawer, it’ll change you.
    I suppose we must all bear our burdens. Lol

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  2. Holy CRIPES! Did anyone else notice the literally rib-tickling endowment on this guy!?? Oh MYY, indeed! Meow! 😉

    PS – Call me weird, but I’m listening to one of your podcasts while browsing the blog…


    1. I hope the sound of my voice isn’t causing your brain to turn to mush. It does have rather a foghornlike quality to it. As for Ernest’s endowment, I did get a little carried away there, didn’t I… 😛

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      1. Hahaha! Only in that I wasn’t sure whether or not to close my browser (at work!). I might have been a little too enthralled by that! 😉
        No, no – this will sound a little “schoolgirlish” but I’m fascinated/fond of gentlemen with “foreign” (i.e. NOT American) accents. Where are you from? (Only reason I ask is because I once greatly insulted someone by asking if he was Australian – because he was emphatically South African. Needless to say I have some trouble pinpointing any accent that is remotely English-sounding). :/ Of course, you don’t have to reveal. I’ll still read and listen. 🙂


        1. Ha ha ha! It’s no trouble at all. I’m Australian, although I wouldn’t mind if I actually came across as British because I’d much rather be living there than here anyway! As for being unable to tell these different accents apart, I wouldn’t feel badly about that. There are a lot of similarities that can make it a difficult prospect if you’re not used to hearing them every day of the week!

          Kind of wondering if I should put an adult warning label on my site or something. I wouldn’t want people losing their jobs because they accessed my filthy little scribbles at work! 😛

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          1. Personally, I’d avoid that since once you mark something that way (your site, for instance) then you get all kinds of “limited” (search results, accessibility, etc.) Some bloggers I read put a “NSFW” tag on it (not safe for work) and a strong suggestion to read at home.

            Your stuff is comic-bookish so I think you’re good! LOL -NOT- “filthy”! Besides, I grew up on Fritz the Cat and other subversive R. Crumb comics that I would pilfer from my dad’s collection. I still have some stashed away… 😉


            1. I like you! Someone who has read and appreciated Mr Crumb is a bona fide rock star in my book! And, yeah, I’ve had other folks tell me not to put a rating on my site too. It’s good to have another voice in the chorus! So, unrated it shall remain, and if people don’t like it, then they can go and… erm, well, do an insulting thing that I can’t think of right now because I lack the imagination. 😛


              1. Good. You can just do the NSFW thing if you’re drawing ginormous dicks… IF you feel like it. Sensitive types can just bugger off (in my humble opinion)! 😛

                PS – This might make you really, REALLY jealous but since YOU get live in Australia & everything you have it coming. 😉 I inherited THIS original-issue gem from my dad when he passed away: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/9/9e/Cheapthrills.jpeg I’ve been tempted to sell some of his original vinyl but some of them I just can’t seem to let go.


                1. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in all my years on this rock, is that rock stars come in all shapes and sizes and flavours. You dress like one and hoard vinyl like one because you probably really are one! 😉


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