Down the Rabbit Hole


  1. That was a “heavy strip”, Ernest being in a dark place at the moment but there is always light t the end of the tunnel when he makes it through. I love the music jokes playing guitar myself it was a classic,it is a bit like a classical piece of music called A On A G String !!!!!!


  2. I have had to think about this one Tony – a very powerful strip. A ghost of recognition here for me. I find it difficult to join in and the group dynamic is something that is still alien to me. Sublime work. Regards Mark.


    1. Yes, I am the same. I often wish to be part of that dynamic but I also find it to be more of a challenge than I’d like. And while I do make efforts to be a part of things it never seems to get any easier.


  3. Hi Tony, poignant ending– and then, especially with the timing of Robin William’s passing from depression, somehow this hit me even more. (That said, I may have missed the mark completely on what is going on here- but that’s how it landed for me. Awesome illustrations and story that pulled me in… want to know what happens next!


    1. Hi Diahann, thank you for your kind words, and no, you haven’t missed the mark at all! Ernest really isn’t in a good place. I’m glad that came across in the ending. Sometimes it’s good to take a leap of faith and allow the visuals to speak for themselves. 🙂

      As someone who has dealt with depression nearly all his life, it’s something I’ve wanted to touch upon for some time. I haven’t been able to bring myself to do so until now, and as such you’ll see more of this unfold in the weeks to come.


      1. That’s understandable, Pam. I’ve been in a bit of a daze about this since I read the news. If the genie from Aladdin can do this then… well, it’s just awful and sad. It really is.


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