The Roksolana Spark

I’m very proud to introduce to you Tetiana Aleksina. She’s the coauthor of this strip and you can find more of her excellent writings at Unbolt. Please do check her out. You won’t regret it!



  1. This is awesome. I did laugh rather a lot and I didn’t get to eat cake. I can remember helping my youngest son with his animation. I spent about 3 weeks drawing….. had the time of my life. That’s one cheeky little number. Love it, Tony.

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      1. Time consuming is an understatement. ‘How many more do I have to do for a 10 second clip?’ About 30. ‘That’s good, I’m having such a wonderful time finding my inner child and working with Bob so closely.’

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          1. I’ve never looked at a clip in the same way since those few long weeks. God forbid that I forgot a small detail and had to start all over again. Mind you, I got to do things with Bob that raised a few eyebrows.

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              1. Absolutely. I’d offer you cake but it happened to find its way into my mouth. I have Bulletproof Coffee that will promise to leave your mind crystal clear and anything but dull. Dancing will probably be involved as well but not cake…

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                1. Well, cake will only add unwanted girth to my belly so I think I can suffer not having a slice (regretfully). Coffee is something I’ve never acquired a taste for either so I may have to sidestep that generous offer. And dancing? I have tried dancing. I’m all left feet. Or something equally tragic that renders me a total clutz when I’m trying on some serious dance floor moves. 😛

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                    1. Yoga! NOW you’re talking my language! Not that I’m great at it but I do a wee bit most days. And green tea is always a relaxing brew. Who could possibly pass up a pot of that? Only someone who’s clinically dead, that’s who!

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                    2. I’ve had my green tea and I did my yoga earlier today after the gym. I think I may have overdone it on one of the stretches, according to my hip flexors, who are now on strike until further notice and are intent on making their presence felt.

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    1. Thank you so much, Jessie! Boom chikka wow-wow! (By the way, I was unable to leave a comment on your last post for some reason. I’m a bit concerned that it might have ended up in your spam folder or something.) 😛

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      1. Always a delight your posts. Oh really? I haven’t received anything – is there a spam thing to check?

        Hopefully I’m not being too gullible. Hey, I actually went and brought a couple spams from the supermarket $10 for two , can you believe it! I also found a can of tongues – you will see shortly

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        1. Yup, there’s a spam thing but it’s far too technical for me to explain as I barely understand it myself! 😛

          Have you ever had spam before? We used to eat it all the time. I don’t think I can look at the stuff any more though. It kinda no longer looks that appetising. Ha ha.

          A can of tongues? Good lord. Can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with that! 😀


          1. Ah, I see. Well I take what I’m given, and a like is perfectly fine with myself and Manu.

            Spam- NO! I wouldn’t know what to do with my nostrils upon opening the stuff. What does it taste like? Meat squared? It’s a pretty can though.

            I’m not sure if knowing canned tongues exist has helped my existence here on earth or not, Tony, but it sure has taken me by surprise.

            p.s the conning (ice-cream) gag never happened, as I actually don’t eat dairy, and I thought it would be a total egotistical pursuit.

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            1. It tastes very salty. And I’m not even sure that it’s real meat. It could be… well, I don’t know. I shudder just thinking about it. I guess leaving the can unopened can make for a nice looking paperweight. 😛

              You thought it would be egotistical? Nah. Surely not! 😀

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