Cat and Boy

Here’s another collaboration. This time it’s with Babe of listentothebabe. Check her out! Her writing gets under your skin and then claws its way out again. (In a good way though, so it won’t hurt. Much.) Oh, and you can also check this strip out at Conceited Crusade, another site full of worthwhile reads. 😛


    1. No, I haven’t but I have seen a 1994 German animated film about cats called Felidae. Le Chat du Rabbin looks to be a far more pleasant and less nightmarish affair. I love the idea of a cat that can speak after having swallowed a parrot! 😛


  1. I so very much enjoyed this exchange – as someone who now has four cats – and the humor and the art. I wish our cats would speak to me more. Usually when I call to them they like to pretend I don’t exist.

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    1. My friend, you ARE a contender. Completely! It’s the colours of your work that really draws me in. You seem to be able to make the white spaces work just as well as the colours in the mix. I don’t know how you have the confidence to do that. I don’t possess that confidence.


      1. ….easy…don’t be confident…be obsessive!…(thank you Tony…your stuff is so together…so considered…mine is…well…is kinda “Pigpen”….as always – I remain in awe of your ability….keep doing it…as much as you can)….

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