Cat and Boy

Here’s another collaboration. This time it’s with Babe of listentothebabe. Check her out! Her writing gets under your skin and then claws its way out again. (In a good way though, so it won’t hurt. Much.) Oh, and you can also check this strip out at Conceited Crusade, another site full of worthwhile reads. 😛


    1. Funnily enough, these are. I have all kinds of crazy conversations in my head. When Babe wrote this, I had to wonder if she’d been peering into my mind while I was asleep or something! 😛


      1. They reinforce things as they are – which is often fine, and often laudable (even the best buildings need maintenance), but becomes a problem quite often, especially since there is no pure repetition: keeping things the same, or reinforcing the status quo qua status quo, means one is not paying attention to the drift into difference.

        Inattention does not seem to be ever an option in your comics, though. They sometimes seem like slightly-knotty aphorisms that require attention to unpack, but carry an actual yield.

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        1. Gregory, I have to confess that it has always been my goal to make the reader do some of the work in terms of the meaning they can derive from my comics. So, yes, I think you summed it up quite nicely there. And it’s a very kind and generous thing of you to say! 🙂

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  1. “My existence is like a wound…I pick at the scab, bits gathered under my fingernails.” This like was stunning in particular ! As always such a great reflection of inner fears and battles, this was. Marvelous work Tony! 🙂

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