The Orange Blossom Session

Look a-yonder comin’! Comin’ down that railroad track! It’s the Orange Blossom Special! Yeah, bringin’ my sense of dignity back…

Because, yeah, you know… I foolishly threw that to one side when I decided to interact with the rest of the human race (with a view to belonging). However, the rest of the human race turned out to be not so accommodating in a quite “sod off Tony you stupid git” kinda way. Oh, you silly, silly, SILLY boy! That’ll learn you to want emotional connection of any kind…

And lo, I retreat into the shadows of obscurity, and make these recordings as a last ditch effort to remind said human race that I’m not a ghost. Or maybe it’s to remind myself that I’m not a ghost. Or maybe I’m just bored. Yeah, it’s probably that last thing.

Hope you guys enjoy this train themed Crumbcast. It was a hoot to make! (Or is that a toot? Guh. Whatever.)



  1. Oh god. That urrrnge blahsome spushull. I haves a very odd question. If you’re deaf, and you never hear words, does the phonetic spelling of words mess you up or do you “hear” words when you read them? And sorry if I’m being rude, I’m just wishing for death so I’m not feeling very PC right now


    1. Actually, I’d prefer if you weren’t PC, and from all that I’ve read on your site you’re not one to mince words. That’s a breath of fresh air. 🙂
      As for my deafness, I guess the only way I can really describe it is… well, imagine that you’re swimming underwater. All sound is muffled. So, I have a tiny amount of hearing but it’s really not much. With my hearing aid on, I still don’t hear as well as most hearing people do, but it’s good enough. So, when I read words, I do ‘hear’ them in my head but probably because I already know what they sound like.
      So, no, you weren’t being rude. It’s a good question. I prefer open and honest curiosity to political correctness any day. It makes me feel human… like I can actually be interacted with like any other human. 😀

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