Preachy at the End

This is the Crumbcast where I finally talk about my time as a Christian – and still fail to give meaningful specifics. What can I say? I’m an avoidance specialist! It’s what I do. (If only there was an Olympics category for it. I’d be a shoo-in!) Seriously though, it starts with poo and then goes (rolls) downhill from there. With a preachy bit at the end. (Sorry about that.)



  1. My first podcast ever!…now I know what they are, well sorta. Much of your story is my story. Instead of reading books, I played the piano, for hours everyday. Mostly hymns and classical but also Grand Funk, Beatles, Americana classics and Charlie Brown of course…I feel pretty well rounded musically :o0

    I understand the wanting to belong and to be respected and appreciated for who you are. I still yearn for that (my husband is my biggest – and only – fan). I have pretty much given up on the religious institute of Christianity, but never on God or Jesus as my savior. On occasion I will blog about the church vs the Church and my personal experience – if you’re ever interested in reading.

    Recently, I’ve been feeling called to reconnect (or try to connect since I’ve never REALLY connected). I’ve been researching and studying what is happening within the church at large. There is so much upheaval and turmoil. I think you would find it quite different. I know I have.

    I am posting this link in case you want to take a look. I know this pastor…well, I knew him back 20 years ago when he was just starting out. He is at the center of much of the controversy. I would love to hear your thoughts since you chose to step away from God as well as the church culture. This lecture in particular, out of the series, ruffled (and is still ruffling) many feathers within the church.

    Thanks for sharing your heart. That’s a very difficult thing to do, they’re so easily broken.

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    1. Willow, I want to thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself, and to share something of your own experiences with church culture. I must confess that I’ve little desire to look into it all of that again (it burned me that much). I will, however, take a look at that link. Thanks for being so interested in me and my story, and in what I do. I really do appreciate your support. Say hullo to your hubby for me! 😀

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