The Reluctant Patriot

In this Crumbcast I bang on about why I don’t consider myself to be a Dinky Di Aussie. The reasons are exhaustingly existential, so I can only apologise in advance if you decide you still want to listen to this. Perhaps I should just save everyone the trouble and emigrate to the moon. I hear it’s nice at this time of year and that the views are eye-wateringly spectacular. And no drop bears!



  1. Hullo Tony!
    Although you do not feel your work is “Australian”, I do think that the land you live in influences who you are to some degree. Certainly you are an individual with a refreshing individual take on things (both in thought and in your comics), but would you have had those thoughts if you were living in a different country? For example, were you born in China with its political freedoms repressed, or in an Islamic state with religion a part of your daily existence? I suppose you (or I) cannot know or answer that — but I do believe that your thought processes would perhaps be a little different. And ARE different for your lived experience here.
    Although your (comic) work transcends what you see as being “Australian”, Tony, you ARE Australian and your work is as valid as Michael Leunig’s. And — to these eyes — equally engaging. May you continue to self-examine your existence and … keep those drawings coming! I see you as a national treasure.
    Kind Regards,

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    1. I think we’re getting a last burst of cold before winter realises that spring’s already here and decides to leave the scene, its dignity still intact (somewhat). Crack a cold one for me, Sky Pilot! 🙂

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  2. You’re right no country has the monopoly on awesome. It’s fine to love your country and be proud of your heritage but that’s no reason to put other countries down. Every country has its good parts and its bad. I’d love to visit Australia some day soon (it’s on my ‘Bucket List’). Come visit Florida (USA) you’ll be very welcome here. 😀 Beautiful crumbcast.

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    1. I’ve heard that Florida is quite a lovely place actually. It’s sounds like the kind of place I’d definitely want to check out! As for Australia, I’d recommend Melbourne for a start. It’s an awesome city with so much to see and do. 😀

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