Real Men Burn Their Jockstraps in Support of Women!

Or maybe they don’t. It’s their choice really. They can have a cup of tea and a lie down if they prefer.

Okay, so I’m not a feminist, but this doesn’t excuse me from showing support to my sisters out there. They’re speaking up, and it’s been a long time coming, so I’m-a-gonna turn my hearing aid on and have me a listen. Might learn something.

By the by, my latest Crumbcast is a babble about the thorny issue of feminism as a label. Yes, I know… I’m a fool. Be gentle?



  1. Couldn’t agree more with your words. It is a pity that the word feminism has been perverted by fake feminists, sheer power seekers. Sadly enough all human relationships are about power. It is so damn difficult to maintain relationships based on equality starting with your partner, close friendships and relatives, and then expanding this to the workplace where there is so much power abuse. I swear I am trying this all the time. And I definitely call myself a feminist, what is more, I think everybody should as well. Feminism is nothing other than fighting for equal rights, opportunities and duties in society, obviously regarding biological differences among women, trans and men. I do not want a matriarchy either because, like you, I do not believe in any gender’s supremacy as I do not believe in any race, class or religion supremacy either. These are all excuses for a powerful minority to abuse on others. And that is why I do hate capitalism because it destroys human relationships at all levels. We urgently need to move on toward a fairer system starting by acting locally.

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  2. I thank you too for being such a faithful reader of my humble blog. I actually write for myself in the first place, it is an inner need, therapy to me. But if someone else reads any of my posts sometimes I really appreciate that. πŸ˜‹

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