Supersize it!

It’s episode twenty, baby! Yeah! The little Crumbcast that could!

This time round I have someone to talk to. The subject is video games and their place in society. How did they get here and what does this mean for our future?

This episode is easily twice as long as my previous ones, and has more gabbing and intellectual pretentiousness than ever before. Let’s go large!



  1. Tony & Peter: Another FANTASTICALLY great podcast! Love that you choose to discuss this major issue in our present today ‘Postmodern Prometheus’ society! You both touched on several major issues for me. I do want to quantify my forth coming comments by stating that I own a Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and am an avid Computer Games (RPGS are my downfall – although I detest MMPG’s even more then the irritation of the constant conspiracy being perpetrated upon all of us by the Missing Sock Society!) and mainly play the Elder Scrolls, Alien movie tie in games, Fable, Fate, and Alien: Isolation. I’ll be 60 on December 26th and have been around since the dark days of Pac-man, Asteroids, and Centipede on the original Atari systems. Okay here we go:

    First point being the ever ongoing “Platform Wars” between game developers to make console specific games vs. computer gamers. All of this pushes parents to have to endure the never ending begging from their spawn for the latest and greatest, thereby spending money they really don’t have. Not only this, but with the continued advancements in technology, these games are being used basically as a babysitters which I detest not to mention being one of the major contributing factors of childhood obesity and inactivity that’s plauging developed countries at the moment. The average weight of teens has tripled in the past 15 years and starting last year 1 out of every 2 kids born WILL DEVELOP type 2 diabetes by 16 years old.*

    Point 2 – Moral Consequences. I, personally, ABSOLUTELY DETEST the defense that video games are teaching kids moral consequences! In a make believe world where no matter what you do there are truly no worries no matter how you choose to play. Yes, in games like Fable, choose good get extra good powers but ultimately as it’s in a make believe world, there are no REAL consequences. Also, it was found that in children and adolescents when given the choice between doing the right thing or being bad in a video game situation, 7 out of 10 choose to do the wrong thing because they knew there was no REAL consequences for their actions. They knew the difference between right and wrong, but simply just didn’t care as it was more “fun” to pick the bad decision because they knew there were absolutely no repercussions for their actions in real life. This also was seen in situations concerning young boys and men being sexually inappropriate or violent towards women to achieve gratification. Again, they knew the choice were wrong but also felt that since it wasn’t real life it simply didn’t matter. Of course these games like anything should be grounded in adult parental supervision as well as parents talking to their kids and taking the time to give them a solid moral and ethical standards from which to make choices. It’s the job of parents to teach their kids and not leave it up to the television and video games of the world! But, like I think Peter stated, some days you just want to come home, choose to play the Xenomorph and eat everyone! Lol As long as you know it’s just a blowing off steam sort of thing and not something one feels is morally correct no problem! But to say that the game will teach kids right from wrong – that’s where I get a bit frazzled lolol**

    Lastly, I wanted to touch on the comments about the military and use of games for the desensitization of having to actually kill someone. First, video games have indeed improved the way we actually accomplish certain aspects of conflict through the new use of drone technologies that give the soldier the ability to be safely distanced from danger while operating basically a joystick/game control to operate drones to go in silently and recon hot areas without putting lives in danger on either side. However, this can also be used to locate and target said area’s as well. Simply put, just because you might be sitting looking at a screen hundreds of miles away in no way lessens the feelings of having to potentially “take out” another’s life. This question was actually studied by the Navy as pilots returning from missions, who even though they were not face to face a it were with said targets, and the rest of the crews (like myself as I’m a retired Navy veteran) on the ships out at sea far, far away and safe from the actual battles, the overwhelming majority of us still having feelings of sadness that it had come to the point that any lives were taken. Every life matters. As above, so below. And just because we aren’t staring the insurgents in the face, in no way lessened the fact that they had families, lives, mothers, fathers, etc. just like us. No amount of game playing can ever prepare someone for what it truly means to know that by your actions, even though sanctioned by your government and NATO, even though that by accomplishing the mission you were part of the team that by doing so saved hundreds of other’s, takes away the fact that someone or group of people just like you, would not be getting up the next morning. In a video game, you can go back and start over. Real life is far more black and white.***

    Hopefully all this made sense! Again sorry for the rambling and please to everyone else these are just my thoughts and are in no way meant to be judgmental of anyone else’s views on this subject AT ALL! Just my experiences and nothing more and I’m really looking forward to reading what everyone else thinks about gaming – which I do indeed love by the way lol Begin bedbound, it’s been awesome having these great outlets to explore and through things like Xbox live actually meet other people around the world!
    Reporting live from the Puffy Sheep Consortium, Lady Anne ^^ö^^
    *= Journal of American Medicine, 2008
    **= Childhood Development and Psychology Research, 2005
    ***= US Naval PTSD Study, 2011

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    1. Lady Anne, I like what you’ve added to this conversation, and you’ve also taken the time to back it up with personal experience and other sources. I think you were right to correct us on our thinking regarding the military component of the so-called ‘gamification’ of warfare. Like you say, human beings are still human beings, and will still have a conscience regardless. Oh, and you’ve said that you play Elder Scrolls… Specifically, have you played much Skyrim? It’s probably one of my favourite games of all time now. 😛

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      1. Tony
        OMG Skyrim! I made it pass the dragon at the very beginning then got completely lost! Lolololol HELP! What am I supposed to do after making it out and am able to roam freely? I’ve been addicted to playing the Game of the Year Edition of Oblivion & Morrowind – I love Morrowind on the computer laptop best and Oblivion on Xbox 360 best! Lolololol

        I’m so glad you kind gentlemen liked my comments! Again wasn’t trying to be judgmental of anyone AT ALL lolol I really do LOVE gaming, seriously! And OMG the graphics now days! Holy cow! Long way from pac-man indeed!

        Oh and BTW Tetris is the “bomb” lololol talk about addiction lololol I think my record was 6 hours straight lolol not much in the big picture but for me that was a long slog! Lolololol

        Reporting live from the Puffy Sheep Consortium, Lady Anne ^^ö^^ (who would love to know if anyone else was eaten multiple times whilst attempting to navigate their way through Alien: Isolation and how do I get into the room with the medic/Dr to get that wrench thingy for the door without being spotted by the hostile humans or eaten by a Xenomorph!!)

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        1. I got lost at that point too… so lost, in fact, that I gave up on the game, sold it, then proceeded not to play it until I bought it again a couple of years later. What I did the second time was to follow the guy I went through the cave with, and then I was able to proceed with the rest of the game! Crazy times! Ever since then, I’ve fallen in love with Skyrim and would very much like to try Oblivion and Morrowind.

          By the way, Lady Anne, never fear about causing offence. Your thoughts are always welcome here, and you’ve always been considered about what you’ve said. I certainly value the perspective you bring to the table, so please do keep it coming!

          Ain’t it grand to be playing games in this day and age? I’m currently trying to decide whether or not to 100% Super Mario Odyssey or Witcher 3, or to go back to Skyrim or Breath of the Wild before the new Xenoblade Chronicles 2 comes out. Too much choice, I tells ya!

          Can I join you in the Puffy Sheep Consortium? 😛

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          1. You and Tetiana are officially members of the Puffy Sheep Consortium and Peter as well should he have a hankering for mischief and humor in general! Lol

            Oh wow that’s a though choice! I tried the original Witcher and just wasn’t that great at it but would vote for that indeed as the new graphics are mind blowing! Of course just invested in the new 4K Sony Bravia TV and all I can say is O-M-G! The graphics are mind blowing beyond anything I’ve ever encountered! Just regular tv and movies is a whole new experience lolol it’s like the people are live right in front of you! Alien was definitely incredible to watch and Aliens? I fainted! Lol Back to games – definitely give Oblivion a go! Very fun east to get into and the graphics are quite good for when it came out – same with Morrowind! And as they’re open-ended world’s you can roam around and enjoy at your own pace! Do get the guides though! If you can’t find them let me know – I’ve got extra copies!
            Lady Anne ^^ö^^

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            1. Wow! You love your games, Lady Anne! And your high definition TVs! I haven’t tried 4K, and I probably won’t be for quite some time. They’re still expensive beasts in this neck of the woods, but the difference in resolution is indeed amazing, that’s for sure! I’ve just started playing Skyrim again. I LOVE this game!

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  2. I am starting from one now! I am searching for one 😦 Sorry I have been away from blog for long and have just returned! Where can I find all of them?? I would really love to hear them! I have one hour one way drive to work and this would be the best thing to put on 🙂

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