The Last Hupper-Bupper


  1. What’s a Hupper-Bupper, Tony? Isn’t it strange that I, at my age am reading comics? I haven’t done this since Keyhole Kate and Desperate Dan, or were they just characters? It’s certainly a valid art form, and I’m just babbling now because I want to be the first to leave a comment for you after all your effort. Actually, this one had me laughing, okay smiling, especially the two fellow laughing their heads off and those BIG teeth.

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    1. It’s not strange at all, Barbara. I’m quite passionate about comics as they can be for any age. I love the fusion of text and pictures, and the kinds of storytelling that can range from funny to serious to somewhere in between. It’s a pretty versatile little art form, that’s for sure (as you’ve rightly stated). 😛


  2. My friends, thank you SO much for your support on my blog! 🙂
    I have been noticing every one of your likes 😉
    I love each and every one of them, and truly appreciate your support on Cascadia Legends!
    I think you might have been visiting my blog for some number of years now O_O
    Be sure to share your comics with the world, and all the people you know.

    -God Bless

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