The Last Hupper-Bupper


  1. Sorry Tony the print is too small I can’t read it and I couldn’t get the screen to an old Morris Minor that wouldn’t just keep me hangin on

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  2. Tony where habe you been I haven’t talk you forever…I’ve incapacitate but now I’m feeling much better see you soon….Sheldon Yoursly

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        1. I looked it up on Google and it says that I’m 14 hrs ahead of Washington, DC. I guess that makes me the Future Man. I always knew I’d have a superpower some day! πŸ˜›


  3. @serendipitydoit too FUNNY! Lol love your comment lolol! As always Tony & Tatiana never EVER fail to bring a “bucket-o-mirth” & pure joy into our hearts, mind, eyes, ears – spleen, lungs, brain, etc. Hey might as well put all the parts right? Except of course my nose due to the whole sneezing issue with clergy/”prejudicial demonic entities” in areas concerning sneezing issues and not being worthy due to said sneeze – a matter being taken up with the Official Puffy Sheep Consortium in all seriousness! Also Tony & Tatiana your membership cards are ready!( Just need to know where to email/text pictures to so you may print/save! Please advise at Subject Line “OPSC Cards”! heeheehee) Sorry I haven’t posted for a long time life’s been life as it will be so right about now I’m ready to unleash an entire Xenomorph horde upon certain individuals and companies who are ignorant, don’t care their ignorance and wear it like it’s a badge of honor instead of SHAME as it should be! Lololol BUT I have been reading your articles every single day and they never fail to bring a bright moment in my day and a ray of sunshine to my heart and for that I simply cannot thank you both enough! Hugs, Peace, Harmony, and Puffy Sheep Forever! Lady Anne ^^ΓΆ^^

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    1. WOOHOO! Membership cards! Fantastic! I’ll be flashing it at all and sundry. That’s how proud I’ll be of it! A genuine card-carrying member of the Lady Anne Boleyn Brigade! Nice! πŸ˜€

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