Slouching from Bethlehem


    1. I like that take, Dave. Head and heart is a great way to view this! As for ‘timestream’, that’s a science fiction term. According to Wikipedia, it “is a metaphorical conception of time as a stream”, and so it felt right to use the term within this fantasy context. 🙂

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  1. Never seen the word ‘forfend’ before…no idea what morphemes are either (till now…) Google is defo ‘my friend’….a ‘glaring of cats’ does sound interesting especially cue the ‘glare’ from the ‘cherub?’ in the Crumbcast script. Simply brill! [you and Tati get me checking up new ‘words’ every time. (unit of meaning, comes to mind)]

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  2. I enjoyed this a lot. I used to work for a company who claimed “We (the company) were making “Quantum Leaps in the * industry.”

    Of course, I know what he meant- he was clearly Scott Bakula hoping the next leap would be the one home.

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