Atheism and Other Religions

This is the Crumbcast where I introduce myself as Tiny instead of Tony. Freudian slip or just a slip of the tongue? You be the judge.

So, anyway, it’s Pete and I having a good ol’ chinwag again, and this time the subject is religion and atheism. We reckon that these can sometimes be the same thing. Now, there may be those of you don’t like what we say regarding this, but we hope you’ll stick around and join in on the conversation in the comments section below.



  1. Atheism and religions and gangs and… all have one thing in common. They’re a group. And for a group to exist, it has to be opposed by something. That’s the danger to me. It doesn’t matter what label or cause you give your group, someone or something else must be in opposition to it. Great subject!

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    1. if you’re an avid individualist, don’t you have to be opposed to groups? and yet, ironically feel a sort of kinship with others who agree with being individuals? it seems what you worry about can’t be avoided. Even when you make the effort to avoid it 😉

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  2. Dickissness, I think. One must be careful, because it may sound like “Dickinson” which is an actual surname with a few quite outstanding members. It would be awkward to call people who are dicks with a word that resembles a respectable surname.

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  3. I was looking for some light reading to while my Sunday night away and look what I stumbled upon… apart from the crisp laugh you had there, it truly is a heavy topic. I guess people forget that religion has people-to-people relationship components in it and not purely just people-to-creator—they treat others badly because they may think devoting self to their creator is all it is about. Phew… there goes my light Sunday night. 🙂

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  4. Brings out varied perspectives in an engaging way. My contribution – this poem by Philip Larkin -can also recommend his (much longer) poem ‘Churchgoing’ –


    If I were called in
    To construct a religion
    I should make use of water.
    Going to church
    Would entail a fording
    To dry, different clothes;
    My liturgy would employ
    Images of sousing,
    A furious devout drench,
    And I should raise in the east
    A glass of water
    Where any-angled light
    Would congregate endlessly.

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