The Last Hurrah!

I’ve always been a bit of a nervous Nellie. I don’t quite know why. You’d think with all the hard knocks I’ve gotten through life that I would’ve toughened up to some extent. But no. I’ve developed some nervous habits instead. You know… like a sane person.

That’s what Peter and I discuss in this episode of the Crumbcast.

Speaking of which, this is the last Crumbcast we ever recorded together. It was done and dusted many moons ago, and he’s since moved on to greener pastures. I’m still bereft that he and his partner have gone, but they gave me a little skull satchel to remember them by… and so I do. I love that little satchel. It’s very black and skully and awesome. Muggers will have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands!

Anyhoo, I digress. Next episode of the Crumbcast will be back to just me again. Ugh. You unlucky things.



  1. I constantly get call out for my eccentric behavior but I don’t think it’s a nervous habit it’s more like who I am and what I am..66yrs Sept 5th my birthday..something I thought I never was a joke growing up would I see 25..again behavior always a trump in my pokers hand..i don’t think if I was so stubborn that I couldn’t see..could you blame Picasso for his behavior..could you blame Dali for his erratic behavior..they wouldn’t of been able to create..if they couldn’t act out..Hunter Thompson..he wanted his ashes put into fire works..i’m Popeye I’m who I am and that’s all that I the final I’m just “koons”

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  2. Your posts remind me of the thoughts and the frame of mind I was in growing up. It’s a dark place to be in and some never get out but it is possible to grow and change. I hope you manage to one achieve happiness. (While using your experiences to help others so they don’t have to suffer for so long).

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          1. They’re calm, they can’t bark, they don’t smell nor need regular bathes or haircuts, they love hunting, they’re mostly soft and reserved, and they’re very independent (but able to be very loving).
            The only point where they diverge is the weather. When it’s cold huskies want to go outside while cats prefer to stay inside. Most of them, at least.

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  3. This is hilarious. “Do cats have nervous habits?” “Yes.” “They do?” “No.” “Oh.” “I don’t know.”
    And that whole “nimbus light from the nether region” business. 😂 I listened to this while keeping to myself at lunch (one of those days I need a recharge by not being with a human being) and was smiling throughout. Love it, Tony!

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