The First Pancake is Always Lumpy


  1. Brilliant as always! I have missed reading your posts so very much πŸ’—! Of course now I have an urge to go traverse to the nearest I – HOP I can find! Lolol

    My sincerest apologies dear friend! I’ve been gone from here for far, far, far too long, after getting trapped in a galaxy filled with worlds ruled over by the ever maniacal and diabolical Bureau of Missing Socks, after falling in that wormhole during a disastrous misadventure while preforming an experiment dealing with Quantum Entanglement! BUT! Did discover that, that “Spooky movement at a distance” – that Albert Einstein spoke of, was indeed herds of extremely tiny Puffy Sheep πŸ‘! Thankfully I finally made it back! Lolol πŸ˜„ – Lady Anne ^^ΓΆ^^

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  2. Subper.., shoot. I forgot how to spell superb. πŸ™„ Anyway, I need a new waffle maker cuz mine broke. And whenever I make pancakes, they stick to the pan. So, it’s gotta be waffles. Cool comics!

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  3. I love animated series (RICK & MORTY, ARCHER, AMERICAN DAD, AXE COP, FUGETT ABOUT IT, etc.) so it’s natural I would love cartooning. Keep up the wonderful, heartfelt, expressive work!

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  4. Nice choice of medium like β€œCartooning” to express oneself. Lastly, I did some cartoon character was while pursuing my PG thesis. Thank you for making me revisit the nostalgic moments.

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