The Author

Tony Single has been drawing since he was old enough to hold a crayon. He grew up watching cartoons and reading comics, and after high school completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts in Animation.

His main works include the comics Life is Cheap, Royal Knavery, and Vulgar Display of Mediocrity, as well as Trottersville, a comic-strip blog. Tony has contributed to the anthologies DeeVee and Tango, and his artwork was featured in a comics exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Rijeka, Croatia, in 1999.

Tony currently lives with his wife in a quaint, little villa. Crumble Cult is his latest and most personal work.

The Comic

Crumble Cult is the tale of Ernest Crumb, a 40 something drifter looking for what he really wants in life. He embarks on an epic quest to find it. Will he find it? Will he hold his nerve? Will he expire before tale’s end?

And why are there unicorns?


    1. Thank you for your interest! How very kind! Tetiana and I are currently working on a ‘Crumble Cult’ graphic novel, so we’ve had to put updates here on hold. Believe me, we really want you guys to see what we’ve been putting together. That’s how excited we are about it!


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