The Crumbcast

Is Crumble Cult not enough buttery goodness for you? Then why not check out The Crumbcast, an ongoing podcast series in which Tony talks about the comic, life, and other things. And ums. And ahs. A lot.

To hear a podcast, simply left click the one that tickles your fancy, and it will open up in another window. If you wish to download a podcast, right click and choose “Save link as…”

Happy listening! Or not. Whatever.


  1. I appreciate that I could hear your podcast on dispelling the myths of deafness. Thank you for shining a light on my ignorance and giving me food for thought. Love your sense of humour and the music. It all goes together very well making it an enjoyable experience. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to returning and listening to another one 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I just record them on my laptop using a digital microphone, then I edit them in a free sound program called ‘Audacity’, and then export them as mpegs. 🙂


  2. Your podcasts are interesting. They have a unique quirk to them. And, hey, I still watch cartoons so I fairly sure you’ve grown up as much as I have :)).

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    1. Heavy rock intro was something I had considered too, especially as I love doom metal. Ultimately, it didn’t seem to fit the vibe of what I was going to do with my podcast so I had to reluctantly use a different piece of music instead. Still, I kinda like what I chose! And, hey, you really ought to do something with your podcast, Mags. You have the vivacious personality and voice for it. People would love you!

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      1. Haha whoah, so that’s how you arrived into this intro of yours. I guess, all artistic things come into accidental loves. Sorry if its been taking me awhile to respond. I’ll reply properly via facebook now. Also, yes. I think the ‘kinda’ like to love how the spacey vibe befits what you really were going for. I think its awesome and hypnotic in a — what was that word I was looking for? I forgot! thanks for the response! still lurking around all yours and tati’s networks. XD

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