Apocalypse Later

So, what did my friend Peter and I do to ring in the New Year? We sat and had a gabfest about the immovable forces that dominate our lives. Oh, so many forces! And it seems that very little is actually in our control, so what can we as common folk do? Continue to make our choices perhaps? Enact whatever plans we can? Act like there will be a tomorrow that makes any sense? Who knows? Perhaps a dash of communication and self awareness will save us in the end. Let’s face it… our actions as a species have screwed us so far!

I hope y’all will enjoy this episode of The Crumbcast. To be honest, I’m a bit bemused that I’ve made it to episode twenty-one. That’s the age I was when I realised I could drink alcohol but didn’t really need to. I don’t really need to do this podcast either, but I want to, so I guess that means I still have some choices open to me after all—for better or worse. Yeah, I’m stickin’ it to the Man, man! (I guess?)

Anyhoo, let’s welcome in 2018 as best we can, and try to make it a better year than the last. Yeah, let’s hold back the Apocalypse, people! Or show it tha damn door. Either way works.