johnny cash

The Orange Blossom Session

Look a-yonder comin’! Comin’ down that railroad track! It’s the Orange Blossom Special! Yeah, bringin’ my sense of dignity back…

Because, yeah, you know… I foolishly threw that to one side when I decided to interact with the rest of the human race (with a view to belonging). However, the rest of the human race turned out to be not so accommodating in a quite “sod off Tony you stupid git” kinda way. Oh, you silly, silly, SILLY boy! That’ll learn you to want emotional connection of any kind…

And lo, I retreat into the shadows of obscurity, and make these recordings as a last ditch effort to remind said human race that I’m not a ghost. Or maybe it’s to remind myself that I’m not a ghost. Or maybe I’m just bored. Yeah, it’s probably that last thing.

Hope you guys enjoy this train themed Crumbcast. It was a hoot to make! (Or is that a toot? Guh. Whatever.)