A Little Wallow



  1. I find the ‘Get happy and you’ll be included more…’ can also apply to other cultures or groups of people or friends. Some just check out when once’s been feeling down for to long. Like people can deal with it if it’s for a couple of weeks but then they somehow expect or wish for you to snap out of it. But what if you just can’t? Sure it’s easier to be in contact with happy people, it lifts you up as well, but aren’t you also friends to be there in the rough times? Is my opinion and feeling anyway. Same with a group of people like in a religion, shouldn’t we be there more to support each other, instead of just ignoring the sad person till they’re happy again; the latter has a reversed effects and just drifts everybody apart and leaves the person who needs it most on their own. ♥ I love your drawing Tony and the bum looks pretty good too.

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    1. Why, thank you! It’s modeled after my own! Blush! Ha ha ha! As for everything else you’ve just written, I couldn’t agree more. It bothers me how people treat you like your feelings are just something that can be switched on or off… as though you’re just some battery operated toy. You put it so well.

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  2. Love the comic and the podcast. I completely get your anger and I think sometimes you can say what you want without worrying that it’s acceptable or whatever. You are angry and hurt and disappointed(or you were) and that’s ok. I like that word- Jesiosity. Is that what you said? lol.

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    1. It is indeed. 😛 (It seemed to sum everything up quite nicely.)

      I’ll admit that I’m still smarting somewhat from my days in the church culture, but I’m hoping it’s something I’ll be able to let go of eventually. (Sooner rather than later would be nice!)

      So glad you’re enjoying the comics and podcasts, Vic! 😀

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