Feef Hamilton

Gender: Female

Occupation: Research assistant

Affiliations: Ernest’s friend

Loves: Lizards, books

Hates: Fundamentalism




Cute Factor:

Preferred Weapon: Reason

First Appearance: Judging a Book


      1. Except the lizards thing… I prefer cats or huskies (both are quiet & clean).
        But for the rest, yes. Her personality is very similar to mine I think. You should make more strips with her so I can confirm. 😀

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          1. Not at all. Happens to me too.
            Actually I have many strips in my head, sketched in a particular style… but I’m too lazy to put them on papers. I guess it’s a common issue to have more ideas than time.
            C’est la vie.

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                1. I have seriously not listened to enough Pink Floyd in my life so far. Based on this one song alone, it’s clearly a mistake I need to rectify. 🙂 Oh, and I shan’t be sending you to hell today. Or ever. 😛

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                  1. You may want to check Money or Brain Damage from the same album, Dark side of the moon. Hey you!, Comfortably Numb and Another brick in the wall from The Wall are my favourites from that movie/disc. Or if you like strange stuff, you may want to try Relics.
                    Just saying 😀

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