Hell is Foam



  1. Well on the bright side the color of bile wasn’t that bad 😀
    Also as it smelled of lemons , you know as they say when life gives you lemons….make lemonade ! 😀 So should have slurped it right up lol Just kidding 😉


      1. I made a post–it was a while ago– about my experiences with sleep paralysis and learning to dream lucidly as a means of “defending” myself. I’ll locate it for you if you’re interested.


        1. Yes please. I would very much like to read that. I’d probably get to it sooner or later anyway because I’m reading all of your stuff from the beginning, but if you could provide the link then YES!


  2. LOL. Aren’t you glad those dream themes are deep in your subconscious, aka, crazy part of your brain. So nice to wake up.


    1. Oh yeah, you’re not wrong there, Shel! I’ve had some pretty disturbing dreams over the years. I’m always relieved when I wake up to find they’re such! 😛


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