All in Good Time (Zelda’s Story)


  1. Go Zelda!!
    I am the shortest in my family. That position is difficult to be in.
    I enjoy seeing pieces of you two in these comics. Readers are given a glimpse of your thinking processes and experiences in a unique way. I doubt there’s another comic strip close to this. You guys have created something truly special and authentic. Awesome sauce!


    1. Faith, this comment made my day. It was an absolute joy to reveal a little something of us in this. I think it’s such details as this that allows Crumble Cult to shine. That’s my hope anyway. 🙂


  2. Dear Tony,

    My daughter is supposedly “small” for her age. I never think of her that way, though. To me she is oh! so much larger than life. I get the feeling your wife is like that, too.

    All My Love,


  3. Beautiful. You have such a sensitive way of telling stories. Very caring. And your art is phenomenal. I’m a huge fan. I’ll be investigating your archives for awhile!


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