1. I’ll have to make a video showing how I colour one of these strips, Carrie. That would be much better than me trying to explain it here. 😉

      And I do believe in unicorns now too, if only to make ones like this little fellow a reality! We can do it with the power of imagination! 😛


  1. Very cute. Love the colours on the Unicorn. By the way did you change the settings on this blog? I think it was better when you could just scroll down through all the entries on the first page. Instead of having to click older posts every time you want to see a new one.


    1. Yes, I have agonised over which would be the better approach – to have one strip on the first page, or to have a bunch of them on the first page. What would my other loyal Crumble Cult readers prefer?


    1. The previous strip may have made the unicorn appear to be a bit smaller than it actually is. Like in this strip, the characters are in the foreground while the unicorn is in the background, which might be why it seems to be so small. 🙂


  2. hi Tony that was a great strip,i remeber playing that game (years ago.)i to agree with s.j that is a lovely sunset ,which i love to take photos of (when it,s sunny!!!) keep the strips coming Tony .when do we get to hear the new podcasts Tony?.


    1. Thanks, brah! As for the podcasts, we will be doing more but they’ll be a bit less frequent this year. I will definitely let you and everyone know when new ones are put up though! 😀


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