1. great strip Tony,although you should,ve called it “bustin, out”did ernest and zelda enjoy the party until it was gate crashed?keep the strips coming Tony.


    1. Brydie seems to be the kind of personality that gatecrashes everything, I’m afraid. It could have been a funeral and somehow the whole thing would’ve felt a lot worse for them!


    1. It is, Sophie! I just HAD to include a little tribute to one of my favourite cartoon series ever! And it’s all because you introduced me to it in the first place. Totally algebraic! 😉


      1. It was the first thing I noticed! I can’t wait till we get back into watching it. Sorry I did post for so long I forgot!


        1. I forgot too, so it’s all good. Will be great to get back into it though. I introduced it to my wife and she loves it now too. We’re making Adventure Time fans, one convert at a time… 😀


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