No More Movie Marathons for Ernest


  1. And yes, Trust by the great Hal Hartley is a wonderful work and the sadness in Adrienne Shelly being no longer with us.


    1. I was beginning to think I was the only person left alive who knows who Adrienne Shelly was, and had seen any of Hal Hartley’s works. I did enjoy the likes of Amateur and Henry Fool, but Trust will always be my personal favourite. 😀


    1. Ha ha! You are so very kind, Mark. I am actually planning to have a collection (or two) put together in 2014. I’m just considering my options right now (self publish, print on demand, or approach other publishers?). It’s all quite serious, a bit po-faced, and a little nerve wracking. 😛


  2. That will learn you not to eat Taco Grill and watch mixed movies just before going to sleep. Your work continues to improve and grow. Ruth M


  3. cool strip Tony ,i have saw waitress that was a good movie as for ernest “taste”in movies (it really needs some strip Tony.


    1. Waitress has the unfortunate distinction of being director/co-star Adrienne Shelly’s final film. She was murdered in 2006, so unfortunately we’ll never get to see what she might have done next. I remember seeing her for the first time in an earlier film called Trust and being absolutely blown away by her performance. RIP Adrienne Shelly.


  4. Your strips are so richly layered and so compellingly human. I can’t say that about Robert Crumb; there’s nothing endearing about his work. Doonesbury took itself waaay too seriously at times. Schulz put heart into his creation, but if you asked me to quote a funny line from Peanuts, I’d be stuck. Garfield; same five gags, over and over ad nauseum. Nermal is cute; Odie’s stupit; Jon suffers from depression; Garfield is a narcoleptic, bulemic, stimulant-addicted sociopath. It’s a laugh riot… when you’re nine. Your surrealism is matched by whose? Philosophical themes as meaty, presented as humbly and humorously as in your strips, are found where else? Larson and Piraro; that’s all one-liners, and I’ll throw Natalie Dee on that pile, too. I look at one of their comics for five seconds, and yours for five minutes. What cartoonist do you not own?


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