1. Today it’s a mirror feeling lonely and unsatisfied with its lot in life. Tomorrow it’s a mirror revolution and uprising against humanity. It should be crushed before it has a chance to grow. I say stone the mirror!


  2. I loved it: amazing strip Tony! This post is going to stick with me for awhile. Also… the seven years of bad luck for mirror suicide had me rolling on the floor…. brilliant 🙂


  3. mirror, mirror oh so vain why do I have to put up with so much pain!?.vanity runs deep but we look in the mirror everyday and do not know how the mirror feels. We only see ourselves from the outside and forget that beauty is also skin deep.Oh yeah great strip Tony.


  4. Maybe it would be better if everyone had the arrogance to say to themselves, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who the fairest of them all?” Maybe that mirror would be less lonely then. lol


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