Kiss of Life 3


  1. Wow Bexley really needs to learn a thing or two about personal space. Being a ghost has made her lose some knowledge about common human interactions it seems. Poor thing, maybe she’s been out of the loop too long. How long has she been dead?


  2. Hello Tony never having seen the film “Ghost” I cant really judge if the themes explored in the strip are scary or other-ways
    I would say that if you find comfort, companionship in whatever form it takes embrace it and enjoy it in all it’s wondrous glories or we could just remind ourselves that it’s a strip and not get too involved…but I could be wrong.

    As always thought provoking stuff Tony,art washes from the soul the everyday dust of ordinary life,do keep up the good work Tony and take care.

    Kind regards



  3. This strip is like the movie Ghost but “scarier” .Bexley thought he was doing the right thing when clearly he was not although I do get his jester .What is Bexley going to do for Valentines Day?.Keep the strips coming Tony.


    1. Hey, thanks buddy! It’s so cool to see you commenting here again! Oh, and by the way… I should point out that Bexley’s a girl ghost. I don’t know if that makes this strip scarier for you or not though… 😉


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