Black Dog of the Concave Mind


  1. I want to hug you, Tony.
    The mind can be so cruel.
    Most potent for me was seeing the bloodied, naked body with nothing, just his voice left to fight with. I couldn’t help but notice the beast overtaking the body, but wasn’t able to get in the last word of how you feel about her.
    I have to comment on the art as well. In many of your comics the naked young man is hung like a donkey. In comics where you are more vulnerable like this, the woman’s body is exaggerated and your manhood all but destroyed.
    Tony, you are not less than any other man or human being for any reason.
    I’m sorry you understand what it feels like to be stripped bare.

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    1. Faith, this is a beautiful comment. Thank you so much! You are the only person to have noticed the difference in the size of Ernest’s manhood from strip to strip. That was very much intentional, and you’ve correctly pointed out that it’s based very much on how vulnerable he’s feeling at the time. I am delighted that somebody has noticed this at all!

      And, you’re so right. Being stripped bare is… well, you really wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy, am I right? It’s the worst kind of vulnerability and nakedness, and I’ve felt that all too often throughout my life. Strangely, you never really even get accustomed to that either.


  2. What a moving portrayal of severe depression and existentialism. The part that resonated most with me (aside from the overall incredible sadness and hopelessness that you managed to capture) wad the bit about indulging in magical thinking. Because. I’ve been there. And I’m not sure how many other people experience the stripping away of a glorious (largely unobtainable and or unrealistic) dream in such a cruel way that they just spiral out.

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    1. Oh, god, yes. I think my whole life so far has been one long, constant unpeeling of layers of dream and expectations… like I’m an onion. The more that falls away, the sadder I seem to get at times. 😦

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