The Crumbcast

Is Crumble Cult not enough buttery goodness for you? Then why not check out The Crumbcast, an ongoing podcast series in which Tony talks about the comic, life, and other things. And ums. And ahs. A lot.

To hear a podcast, simply left click the one that tickles your fancy, and it will open up in another window. If you wish to download a podcast, right click and choose “Save link as…”

Happy listening! Or not. Whatever.


  1. I just listened to podcast 10…it brought tears to my eyes…so poignant…so relatable–the, throwing-your-arms-wide-open-only-to-be-punched-in-the-gut (metaphorically-speaking)….the worst kind of disillusion comes from the betrayal of the ones you thought you could trust the most…I am sorry for your pain…and, I so appreciate the way you shared it….thank you…I am off to listen to more 🙂

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    1. It sounds like you may have been through something like this yourself! I want to thank you for being so enthusiastic about my little recorded thingamabobs. It’s heartening to know that people are actually getting something out of what is essentially narcissistic ramblings. Yay! 😀

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  2. Hi, there…I’m home with what feels like the flu, and I’ve just listened to every podcast above (with the exception of one that I’d listened to previously)…and, all I can do is begin to show my gratitude–for your, “naked, unapologetic humanness”– by offering a drop in the ocean of my appreciation, awe, humility, sense of privilege and abject admiration….your humour makes it all bearable, it dilutes what would otherwise break my heart….so raw is your recount of childhood traumas, religion’s failings, depression…all of it….and, that is not a criticism…that is me being able to relate to your sense of anomie, coupled with the fierce desire to be connected…a capacity to love wrapped in such a profound knowing of what the loving possibilities are–and, how vulnerable and fragile such a thing is…you made me think of the song, “Candle In The Wind”…not a song I was particularly ever drawn to–but, as I lay here, I determined that I would not go out like that…no more hesitation about adamantly protecting myself from those who would drain every bit of idealism, optimism, resilience out of me (inadvertently, or deliberately). I’ll leave it at this…thank you…thank you…thank you. You are amazing in ways that are uniquely you,and the world is so much better for having you in it. 🙂

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    1. Aw! I hope you’re better soon! Flu or not, it doesn’t sound like a lot of fun is being had by you right now. And thank you for introducing me to the word ‘anomie’. I genuinely had never heard of it before, and I think it fits my situation to a tee. I’ve never been particularly drawn to the song ‘Candle in the Wind’ either (although I do respect Elton John’s massive musical talent). It does, however, remain a potent reminder of how fragile we all are when it comes to the inner things that compel us to go forward, to not stagnate, to avoid (for as long as we can) being snuffed out. I’m really chuffed that you’re getting so much out of my podcasts. I’m smiling from ear to ear here, you hear? Hear hear! And that’s my pun quota for the day! 😛

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  3. Since I am one who reads the comments, I started with the Jesus Saves one from the comment by trulyunplugged (I counted, and it seemed to be #10). Sorry that was your experience – and that it is the experience of so many who don’t slap a joyful/grateful mask on their mugs every Sunday morn.

    I’ve battled depression in my day, and there is nothing quite so obnoxiously annoying as those who attempt to jolly you out of it — unless it is the ones who shame you for it on some level or shun you, especially in communities that advertise how welcoming they are. (Your descriptions are a lot more linguistically elevated, of course, you clever wordsmith you.)

    BTW – I don’t know how the Danes pronounce it, but the way I’ve heard it from English speakers is a bit like this: say “year” – now put a K in front of it Kyear-ka-gard (accenting the first syllable). That’s close – but some do a some sort of elongated thing with the back end.


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    1. Oh my god! NOW I finally know how to pronounce is name. THANK YOU! 😀

      And, yes, I have to agree with you. There is nothing more unintentionally obnoxious than those who try to get you to put a band aid over a gaping wound and declare everything’s good. They mean well (some of them at least) but I feel a lot of them might do well to just hold their tongues once in a while. 😛

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      1. You’re welcome. And that tongue-holding idea would be great for a particular tweeting politician – not that there’s much chance of THAT as election day approaches here in the used-to-be-good ole’ USA.

        Had a phone chat with a Christian friend about your experience, btw – to pass along the idea that a bit of mental health awareness education might be an excellent use of a Sunday School class or several — even though her church seemed pretty welcoming already, last time I visited her.

        She is an extremely compassionate, trained ADD coach unlikely to do the “smile anyway” thing, in any case. (How close are you to Little Rock, AK?)

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        1. I can start walking across the ocean and be there by tea time… next year. Hee hee! But, yeah, I take your point. There ARE Christians out there who do seem to ‘get it’. If only I had met one or two of that particular stripe in my time… 🙂

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