Slippery Soapbox



  1. I love this comic! I haven’t listened to the podcast yet but I will in a bit. I was raised born again Christian, too, and in the last ten years or so have slowly decided that I no longer believe. I am not quite sure, as of now, what I do believe. I think maybe that’s the key to getting along…not being quite sure wtf this whole thing is about. 😛
    The last frame, with him running gleefully, makes me laugh. It’s so adorable.

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    1. I’m with you on the not being quite sure wtf this whole thing is about thing! I distrust those who purport to have everything figured out. I really do. I always feel like they’re about to sell me something. I hope you enjoy the podcast! 🙂


      1. Oh yes! I do too because it’s impossible to know these things for sure. I did listen to the podcast. I can relate to a lot of what you said. I hated church when I was a kid once I was old enough to notice the way the people acted. The message was okay, church itself was awful for me. I never fit in and never felt like anyone there actually cared about me.

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        1. I think you and I can certainly relate. In fact, I’ve pretty much vowed to never set foot in a church again. I’ve had more than my fill of religion, that’s for sure. 😛


          1. I tried, in my adult life, because I felt like I had to go. That’s how they make it seem. But then I decided that I didn’t believe what they were trying to tell me anyway. Do you feel like you need to search for other answers? Sometimes I feel like that but I just don’t want to. Do I need answers? I don’t know…

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            1. The irony is that I researched many religions and beliefs as a teenager, and out of all of them I was drawn to Christianity. However, if I was to choose today, I’d probably gravitate towards Buddhism instead. Answers are definitely something I want, but I’ve come to realise that there is much I will never know, and I really have to learn to be okay with that. I’m getting better with that each passing day, but I still have my wobbly moments. 😛


                  1. Oh, but some people can sure pretend, can’t they? Yup. I’m happy to be human and to know other awesome humans like you. 😊

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                    1. That there are pretenders in the human world has been a painful thing to learn but you’re right. They’re there. Thank god for like minded people like yourself, I say! You “get” it. 🙂

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    1. It certainly is a touchy subject, and I find that it doesn’t matter what side of the argument one is on. Things can get pretty heated really fast, so for that reason it’s something I normally don’t discuss. 😛

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  2. Tony, “SLIPPERY SOAPBOX” is wonderful, so much said in such a clever way. The last frame is superb, just sort of sums up the entire religious thing for me! I think the “Crumbcast” adds a new dimension to the strip. It’s great to hear you touch on a difficult subject. You are so honest in sharing and it’s filled with a lot about you. Loved the info about the “creepy guys, Uncle Such-n-Such”, ha-ha, now that‘s scary! Yikes, parents were okay with this? Your pod-cast made a lot of sense, and you wrapped it up beautifully with the quote at the end by, “Youth Pastor Name Withheld”.

    Always a delight,


    1. Peppa, you’ve made my day. I was genuinely concerned about how that podcast might come across, but it’s clear that you accepted it in the spirit it was intended. I hope others will accept it that way too! And, thinking back on it, I’m kind of surprised that the supervising teachers never raised an eyebrow at the whole “uncle” thing and didn’t turf them then and there! 😛

      It’s always a delight having you here. Thank you. Truly. 🙂

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