The Breakthrough



  1. Thought provoking. Really enjoyed it. Your talk made me think about how we fall prey to group-think very easily because we want to belong so badly. Maybe part of growing up is having the guts to stand alone. To walk out. To be okay with being cast out. But as they say, when one door closes, another opens up. Life does go on. And I think it gets better the more honestly and authentically we live our lives.

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    1. Edyta, I couldn’t have put it better. Group-think is exactly what it is. I allowed myself to get swept up in a form of religious group-think for nearly 20 years. Not fun I can tell you, and when you’re out of it all you can do is shake your head and wonder what on earth you were thinking at the time.

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      1. Do you know actress Leah Remini’s story with Scientology? I’m sure it’s a more extreme example of group think, and she ‘inherited’ her membership via her mom. She did ‘escape’ and her family joined her.

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        1. Oh yes, Edyta, I’m aware of Leah Remini. From what little bit I can understand she’s been through the wringer and then some. I’m not a fan of Scientology at all. (Oh, Mr Hubbard, what were you thinking?)

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          1. Yah their indoctrination is definitely suspicious. When people have to plan their exit and worry about their wellbeing, there is something seriously wrong. Although, on the other hand, we are being controlled and manipulated by many other institutions beside religious. Have you ever heard of the 7 mountain mandate, or 7 cultural mountains? I stumbled upon it by accident the other day. It says that Christians are to infiltrate the 7 spheres of society in order to bring about change. The 7 being:
            1) Education
            2) Religion
            3) Family
            4) Business
            5) Government/Military
            6) Arts/Entertainment
            7) Media

            Well I don’t know how many people take this seriously but I do believe that there is a movement to control each of those spheres of our society in order to control and manipulate us. I believe that, on many occasions, religion is a cloak for nefarious activity, let’s take child molestation and rape for example. Well I don’t mean to get too deep or serious here, but the rabbit hole is deep, and many well-meaning people either end up defending the most evil of acts, or become victims themselves.

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  2. Tony, I absolutely love this strip, β€œThe Breakthrough”. For me this is the all-time perfect line, β€œI’m a mannequin to drape your beliefs and self interests on”, fabulous! And then to wrap it up with β€œI’m done”, oh, just so wonderful!



  3. Dear Tony,

    Both sides will still claim it’s for your own good. All the while one side will bandy the concept of “free will” about while the other blathers on about “free thought”. They’re just concepts, though. You’re not supposed to actually *practice* either. /rant

    All My Love,


  4. Yes. This is a breakthrough. Well done. Well written. Executed superbly.
    And this ends my view of Crumble Cult for the day. I’ll be back soon to enjoy more of your archives. Viewing the story like this from start to present is awesome! Ever plan to put it all in a book? (Not that you have to! This format is incredible. But your stuff is far better than many books I’ve purchased. Far better.)


    1. That’s a vote of confidence if ever I saw one. Thank you, Pamo! Yes, I’ve been threatening to get these all collected together in book form for the last two years (although quite who I’m threatening I have no idea). It’s pretty much low self esteem and depression that’s stopped me from following through on that though. Well, not really. I have those things but it’s really only yourself that places limits, isn’t it. I do have to stop making excuses and make it happen!


  5. Tony, I was reading along all serious… until I got to the part where you told the cat you weren’t about to sniff his bottom. LOL! I have to be honest that I don’t “get” a lot of this. I think you and I would have to sit down and chat so you could enlighten me, because I think there are some deep thoughts here that need more light shed on them in order for me to get it. It would make for an interesting discussion. I love the flavour of your posts… thought-provoking and as always, I appreciate the art.

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    1. Davina, I’m glad you’re enjoying the strips even though there are aspects of them that remain unclear to you. As for an explanation of The Breakthrough, I hope you find Jeff Bradshaw’s comment to be of help! He’s spot on. πŸ™‚


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