Fun With Hearing Aids



  1. Tony, I have been away far too long! Came back for a mooch as a result of pootling around my own dusty blog.

    Shared this post with a friend of mine. It is very relevant to him, and he loved it. I think you may have a new follower as a consequence.

    Anyhoo, hope you are well. 🙂

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      1. Generally good, ta. Have moved from S Wales (back) to England in the past year (left when I was 19, so feels v odd). Also started a couple of new jobs & recently gained a half-sister. As you do…

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  2. Funny! I think there is an unspoken wish in most guys that they could replicate the effect of turning a hearing aid off just by mental concentration. My wife accuses me of that from time to time. She wants to get my hearing checked – ha.

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