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  1. Presumption,I always got that
    It’s what cured me of life
    Now I’m living off of the residuals
    And I am deaf and can’t swallow advice
    You hit this one hard my friend
    No better way to ice the cake
    Butter cream if you get my drift
    Stay thirsty my friend

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  2. I haven’t listened to it Tony, but the comic was enough to make me want to comment…and you have a friend who went through this? It’s tragic! The so called well meaning action of others, I have seen it in so many families as well…parents with children with “issues” and how many times have I heard, “oh, they just need to meet a nice girl/boy”. Ugh! Makes me insane.

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      1. There are so many layers to this that disturb me…I mean, it’s one thing if they want to discuss it privately with their friend, but to do something so presumptuous and public like that. How hurtful!! This is another reason why I refuse to celebrate Valentine’s Day, it sends such a terrible message to single people, apart from all of the other reasons.
        Remember, “One is the loneliest number. False. Numbers do not feel emotion.” – Dwight Schrute. 🙂

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        1. Such a great quote! And, yeah, I agree with you. Some single people are even happy to be single. I’m sure they don’t appreciate being inadvertently shamed for something they personally have no problem with. 😛


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