Fundamentalist in the Midst



  1. This was amazing, and all too accurate actually. I’ve gone through it with the groups I have joined as well. And I’ve seen Darwinist groups act like Sects and debate each other over which part of what theory is true or not.

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    1. I guess that’s human nature for you, huh? Which is why it’s so critical that we learn to think for ourselves, and be brave enough to do so even when we’re going against the tidal wave of popular opinion.

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          1. Well, I could always look at it as the case of the glass half full and say “See? You people don’t realize it but I’m actually cool!” And begin to pose inconspicuously. Like those Instagram people ☕

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  2. An atheist? Most likely. I do believe in nature and much of science, sans the pharmaceuticals, Monsanto, Dow… Nature has suffered long enough especially at the hands of “believers” who claim the right to use and abuse the earth. She will have her pound of flesh.

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  3. it’s funny how I’ve been talking about this recently, not coming across much other than support for the guy, to find after i’ve started outwardly giving my opinion on it to start stumbling on other peoples thoughts that are in line with mine. I really see dawkins as a high priest of his own religion. Most of science the average person doesn’t understand and might never understand. How many people comprehend Newtons theories of gravitation or Einsteins theory of relativity just to name a few. I study science at the moment, and most of it is very hard to grasp. Even when you dedicate your life to studying it. Yet he seems to denounce faith, while asking the general public, most of whom will never understand a lot of the science, to have faith in him and other scientists that follow his opinion. He doesn’t see it as such though. He seems to be blind to his own hypocrisy. He talks as though he has the universe figured out. The more he solidifies the belief (note the word belief) the more he pushes himself away from the truth. Which is that we are all fools, including him.

    I repeat this saying a lot, and I will do so again because it is so relevant.
    “the wise know themselves to be fools,
    and the fools think themselves wise.”

    Awesome strip 🙂 glad i stumbled upon it.

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    1. My friend, you get this completely. My strip was never really a knock against atheism at all. Rather, it’s a commentary on how we humans will place faith in just about anything, no matter what. It’s just what we do. Almost as if we’ve evolved (or have been programmed) that way or something.

      I have a great deal of respect for the discipline of science. At its best the process is a rigorous and transparent one that is unafraid to put forward questions, questions, and then more questions. At worst it’s little more than religious dogma. I fear that Dawkins skews to the latter which is disappointing for someone of his obvious brilliance. One would ordinarily expect that kind of thing from the religious, not those purporting to hold reason above everything.

      As always, I’m glad you’re reading my silly little scribbles! 🙂

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      1. I never saw this as you attacking atheism at all 🙂 in fact with the end of the comic it made me assume you may be one yourself. “You’re making the rest of us look bad”.

        I was born into a christian family, became an athiest when i became a teenager, turned agnostic as i grew oldwr and then became a muslim convert between 1-2 years ago. So I’ve had an oppurtunity to see life from many different perspectives and understand them all to a certain degree. I’m a strong believer in the freedom of beliefs what ever they may be, and think all follow their own paths. I see everyone as religious, regardless of what they say they believe or do not believe, as i’ve stated before i think all of life is faith. Reality is so incredibly complicated that it leaves all completely confused as we are not capable of understanding the abstractions of reality. Not only is the universe crazier than we can suppose, its crazier than we can’t suppose. This is the struggle of existence 🙂 science has the ability to help people to open their minds to a variety of different possibilities, and also helps to understand that not only do you need to prove things for them to be false, but you also need to disprove things for them to fiction. Nothing is simple, as simple as we make them. Questions give rise to an abundance of answers, and those answers give rise to exponentially more questions. The way I see it is that answers do not answer, they only make us question more. And so to return to what you said, we must put forward more questions and more questions. As there are only ever questions that pile higher than any mountain 🙂 and so we ask and we search, and so long as we stay humble and keep the golden rule im mind, that no one knows anything and everything is belief. Everything is up for interpretation. Everything is relative. So you to your beliefs and me to mine 🙂 In the end we find out if what we believed in life was true, or we go through a non experience. Which by default cant be experienced.

        I enjoy talking to you. You really make me think critically about a lot of things. Thank you 🙂

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        1. “…and so long as we stay humble and keep the golden rule im mind, that no one knows anything and everything is belief. Everything is up for interpretation.”

          ^ This. So much this.

          I think I’m in complete agreement with everything you have to say actually. I’ve long wondered why people feel so threatened by the realisation that we don’t know everything. In fact, the sum of our knowledge is not even a drop in the bucket of everything that will ever exist.

          And even then it’s probably something different to what I’m imagining.

          In other words, reality is too big for my head, and I’m okay with that. 😛

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          1. All that awaits us in the future is a constant barrage of question singularities. Just as today’s questions asked by todays generation could not be comprehended by the people of the past, so it stands to reason that we can not comprehend the future peoples questions. We have a lot less control outwardly than we would like, and a lot more control inwardly than we realise. When we accept this, we find peace 🙂 i’m glad you’re ok with that. It sounds like you are on the way to the right path 🙂

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  4. first – wow to the lion in the first frame!!
    love this so much. fundamentalism is becoming so rife i wonder if people think it’s the only way to show their feelings these days. it’s everywhere, in all aspects of life and i am sick of it


    1. I’m sick of it too, Carrie. I do wonder if a lot of people have simply become too afraid to accept outlooks that are different to their own. It’s a shame.

      Oh, and thank you! I’m rather proud of how that lion turned out. 🙂


    1. So cool to have you here, Clint. Welcome!

      Fair question by the way.

      I’ve got nothing against atheists, nor have I anything against them speaking about their chosen stance in life. I do, however, have a problem with the few that seek to destroy other viewpoints that directly clash with their own.

      It’s in this sense that I feel they’re no different from the fundamentalist Christians who seek to convert the whole world to their religion. There are a minority of atheists who will suffer no belief to exist, so they’ll do everything they can to coerce and browbeat others into submission (or, failing that, silence). Sounds like fundamentalism to me.

      Frankly, I have no beef with believers or unbelievers of any stripe, but I do have a major problem when they presume to “save” me, whether it be from literal “hell fire” or from the “delusion” of spiritual belief. As far as I’m concerned, they can back off and keep their crusades to themselves, thanks very much! 😉

      So, yeah, that’s where I’m coming from with this. Merely pointing out that fundamentalism can exist in any group anywhere. Even among the so called “free thinkers”. We’re all so busy worrying about what others think (and trying to dictate the parameters of those thoughts) that we forget all about trying to get along with our fellow human beings.


  5. I’m not getting this. Why is a guy selling books promoting atheism a fundamentalist? He’s not shooting Doctors outside abortion clinic’s or flying planes into buildings. It’s incidents like these and others (politicians still making broad statements about god and satan as an excuse for war, evolution and climate change taught as theories or debates etc) that have made atheist’s feel like they have been asleep at the wheel and have been too inactive for too long. That’s why there has been this recent push for more rational thought and scientific understanding of late.


    1. Actually, I modelled Onslowe the atheist on a Christian chum of mine, just for giggles. He’s got a receding hairline just like that, and wears specs that make him look even more intelligent than he already exceedingly is (I hate him for it)! However, his personality is the complete opposite of this character. 😛

      You obviously know both of us, so let me give you a warm welcome to this little blog I call my virtual home… whoever you are! 😀


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